Complete and hassle free.


Complete and hassle free.

Issuance of slips

The Boleto Module makes it possible to print booklets or loose bills, as well as register at the bank through the remittance file. It is also possible to carry out automatic downloads with the bank's return file and generate the occurrence report to verify any irregularities. The Module also provides control of uploaded and processed files and view of file content.

  • Boleto Image
  • 2nd Copy Issue
  • Issuance of payment slip or compensation form
  • Generation of remittance to the bank
  • Automatic download with bank return file
  • Write-off Occurrences Report.

Reports Module

The reports module brings in a single place, the generators for issuing all system information in report format. Providing the customer with several configurations for monitoring their subdivision.

  • Follow-up Report
  • Birthday Boys Report
  • Sent Letters Report
  • Clients Report
  • Commission Report
  • Debt Confession Report
  • Contracts Report
  • Declaration Report
  • Dimob Report
  • Termination Report
  • Labels Report

Registration Module

The Registration Module centralizes in a single place all the information that will be shared by the other modules, standardizing and consolidating the data you need for each need.

  • Bank registration
  • City registration
  • Broker and real estate registration
  • Registration of files for download
  • Enterprise registration
  • Index registration for installment readjustment
  • Registration of project lots
  • Registration of letter and notice templates
  • Individual registration
  • Legal entity registration
  • Registration of batch reservation
  • Registration of administrative fees

Administrative Module

It is responsible for the demands regarding the sales contract and all relevant documents. It also manages the customer relationship. Acade Lotear allows the automatic recording of all actions performed by users and can be consulted easily.

  • Contract amendment
  • Authorization for construction
  • Preparation of sales contract
  • Termination, Refund Calculation and term issuance
  • Legal demands
  • Automatic log relationship registration
  • Relationship scheduling
  • Batch transfer
  • Ownership transfer

Billing Module

Our exclusive Collection Module brings a completely remodeled experience to one of the most important tasks in subdivision management: the process of collection and negotiation of defaulters. By centralizing all the necessary information in one place, the collection activity ends up being optimized for employees.

  • Individual and collective billing
  • General customer information 
  • List of overdue installments
  • Automated Interest Calculation
  • Generator of 2nd copy installments
  • Exclusive 4-step methodology.

Financial Module

This Module contains all the functions and financial resources for the efficient management of batch installment payments. Responsible for the readjustment and all the client's financial situation.

  • Change of installments
  • Change in installments due date
  • Manual write-off of receipt
  • Issuance of collection letter
  • Issuance of debt confession
  • Issuance of duplicates
  • Manual write-off
  • Negotiation of debts and issuance of the negotiation term
  • Title search by write-off code
  • Discharge of batch and issuance of the discharge term
  • Automatic readjustment of installments

Automatic Update

Acade Lotear is a 100% online system and is constantly implemented by our software engineering team at no additional cost, this way all our customers have the latest and best experience using the platform, without the need to worry about servers, separate implementations and surprises when paying the bill.

Security and Access Module

Responsible for managing user access to the system through profiles. The Acade Lotear user has personalized access, only the functions relevant to their position can be made available. It is also possible to restrict by date and time.

  • Access profile management
  • User maintenance
  • Access log (log)

Automatic installment readjustment

With Acade Lotear you can easily define the readjustment rates of your customers' contracts. By tying the index to the contract, the system itself will notify you in the correct month/year of the adjustment to be carried out, showing the calculated index, just for an acceptance, or a possible adjustment change, adapting to your reality at the time. After that, the readjustment report is issued, facilitating the issuance of new slips or readjusted booklets.

After that, the readjustment report is issued, facilitating the issuance of new readjusted slips.

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